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Hybrid Recycling

Before reducing your technology products to cents per pound, let ITAP procure & secure your value with ITAP’s Hybrid Recycling model.  As a global leader in asset recovery, ITAP secures data first and then harvests millions of generic parts & components for integration into our innovative global repurposing solutions


We don't just resell your parts into traditional channels, we work diligently to significantly improve your monetary return. ITAP identifies the highest use value and 2nd life applications for your generic parts & we supply global partners for new product manufacturing. We are your global bridge to higher ROI!

New Product Designs...Reinventing Technology

Where there is an opportunity, ITAP brings ingenuity.  We work closely with collaborative partners on ITAP designs to create and manufacture new, innovative products with generic parts & components that surpass our clients’ expectations and address specific market demands.

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