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Industries We Serve


ITAP works with the largest computing technology OEMs, data-centers and data solution providers to extend the useful life & optimize the return on Mainframe, Enterprise Server, parts/components (CPUs, GPUs, ICs, HDDs/SSDs, Memory) & decommissioned equipment coming out of customer installations.  By redeploying these assets and/or repurposing parts into new products and applications, ITAP delivers premium value to you.

Lithium-Ion Batteries 

ITAP is a strong believer in the future of Lithium-ion batteries.  Working with the largest Automotive OEMs, ITAP breathes 2nd lives into our partners’ dispositioned batteries.  We don't just integrate, we create - ITAP works closely with manufacturing partners to design products that are customized inherently with our OEM partners’ battery chemistries and specifications.  With ITAP’s repurposing solutions, we have a full spectrum of applications that enhance utilitarian value and preserve natural resources. Whether from an EV, PHEV or HEV battery pack, your batteries’ power density knows no bounds with ITAP innovations.

Consumer Electronics

Addressing the consumer marketplace, ITAP understands the significance and costs of your reverse logistics channel.  For all grades of consumer returns and product beyond economic repair, we purchase and apply the benefit of our Hybrid Recycling model to mobility electronics (laptop, tablet, cellphone), gaming products & desktop computers to extract working parts/components (LCDs, ICs, Memory, HDDs/SSDs), and provide repurposing solutions that maximize value by the unit and not the pound.

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