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Industry Leadership

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As technology has made enormous leaps, it has become an irremovable & necessary part of our functional life in business & pleasure.  IT Asset Partners remains evermore focused in overcoming the challenges & capitalizing on the opportunities that arise from the growing need for the unique balance of brand protection, value creation & future preservation solutions that our Fortune 1000 clientele require and deserve.

Bob Mullaney, an industry leader with over 25 years of specialized senior level experience in Supply Chain Management, Reverse Logistics,  Computer Refurbishment /Repair & Mobility has become the CEO at IT Asset Partners. 

He has founded companies such as Technology Service Logistics, Inc. (TSLI) & held VP and Senior VP positions with Solectron, Flextronics, Syncreon, Recellular and Synnex.

He comes to ITAP with a proven track record of leadership, technical knowledge & operations experience & is committed to sharing his expertise.


“ITAP designed & developed our Hybrid Recycling & Repurposing model specifically for the world’s largest generators of technology in the secondary marketplace as the best & most sustainable means for providing innovation, efficiency and value through intelligent planning, partnerships and designs.  With this foundation of expertise & ingenuity, we look forward to further supporting our valued client-partners & their missions with solutions that not only meet today’s needs but prepare for the inevitable evolutions of technology.” - Bob Mullaney, CEO.

Bob Mullaney

Chief Executive Officer

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