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Our Mission

We Strive to give all Lithium Batteries a second life, Through Innovative and Environmentally friendly applications.


We are seeing tremendous growth and demand for sustainable storage and production. Li-ion batteries are part of the so called “energy transition”. But unfortunately, this development also involves a huge unnecessary waste stream.

At EcarACCU we decided to do this differently. From the start, we have focused on specializing in re-using Hybrid and EV batteries.

Our experience in our battery repair center enables us to work on these batteries in a professional and safe manner.

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In an innovative way EcarACCU breathes new life into accumulators. This is the first step to a more sustainable usage of lithium batteries.

We receive various battery packs from (PH) EV cars and dismantle and refurbish them up to a 98% recycling percentage. We transport the steel, plastic and other metals to the correct recycler.

We test the remaining cells and offer them to producers who can use our cells in a new application. The cells form the basis for a new product and can be used for energy storage with a new management system. Consider, for example, the collection of peaks in the grid, vehicles, and the storage of solar energy that can be used at a later date.

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It is our vision to contribute with our cells to a healthy environment and social security.

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