ITAP is the leading global technology company in the reverse logistics industry, providing Fortune 1000 partners with innovative repurposing solutions that transcend the term "recycling" and redefine value.




Our Solutions

New Product Design

Where there is an opportunity, ITAP brings ingenuity and reinvents technology . We work closely with collaborative partners on ITAP designs to create and manufacture new and innovative products with generic parts & components that surpass our clients’ expectations and address specific market demands.


We don’t just resell your parts into traditional channels, we work diligently to significantly improve your monetary return. ITAP identifies the highest use value and 2nd life applications for your generic parts & we supply global partners for new product manufacturing. We are your global bridge to higher ROI.

Hybrid Recycling

Before reducing your technology products to cents per pound, let ITAP procure & secure your value with ITAP’s Hybrid Recycling model.  As a global leader in asset recovery, ITAP secures data first and then harvests millions of generic parts & components for integration into our innovative global repurposing solutions.

Brand Protection

Value Creation

Future Preservation

Our Services

Parts Management

The best partnerships are those that work together intimately; we believe in bringing the most value back to our clients, whether in the form of capital return or in this case, parts return. ITAP will customize a solution that extracts and delivers your needed parts back into your supply chain for reintegration.


Domestic or abroad, ITAP has solutions to meet  your logistical needs. Regardless of size, location or product, the ITAP logistics team      can coordinate all freight transport. Our volume- based programs with logistic partners minimize costs and provide savings for our client-partners.

Data Destruction & Security

We understand your business & associated liabilities; as an R2 Certified Recycler we follow stringent protocols that ensure your data is destroyed in accordance with NIST standards. Whether it’s via wiping software or physical destruction, your data never survives. 



EH&S Policy and Objectives

As a responsible recycler, ITAP is committed to protecting the environment, providing a safe workplace for our employees, and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, while utilizing resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.  ITAP maintains a business management system in compliance with R2v3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, and practices for responsible recycling.

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