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Highest StandardsOHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and R2:2013 Certified

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Trusted by Leading BrandsReal Time P&L System

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Micro Recovery = Macro ReturnsMaximum ROI

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Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Tag Removal | Asset Tracking | Documentation
DOD Disk Wipe | Refurbishment | Re-marketing
De-manufacturing | HDD Shredding | Chip Salvaging
501-C(3) Facilitation | Real-Time P&L | Certified Processing

Reverse Logistics

Asset Management

National Aggregation | Asset Triage | Asset Storage
Asset Liquidation | Global Re-marketing | De-manufacturing
EOL Destruction | Risk Mitigation | Asset Tracking
ROI Liquidation | Real-time P&L | Asset Disposal

Environmental Recycling

Asset Management

Asset Triage | Asset De-manufacturing | Asset Destruction
Metal Recovery | Plastic Recovery | Metals Recovery
Glass Recovery | Ewaste Collection | 100% Landfill Free
| ISO 14001 Certified | R2:2013 Certified

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Full Certification

• R2:2013

• ISO 14001

• OHSAS 18001

• C.R.R.A

Serving Our Clients

Why Choose ITAP?

ITAP, Inc. believes in empowering you through efficiency. If you want total control over your IT Information with Risk-Free Environmental Disposal; then you require Full Downstream Accountability with Efficient Processing Solutions. Our proven approach is able to provide the highest possible value within your expended assets through our innovative process of re-integrating new life cycles into old electronics. We are the experts in value extraction on all levels; Parts, Components, and Commodities. This value created through our process is able to cover your Accountability, Data Risk, and Processing Costs.

ITAP, Inc. specializes in Electronic Asset Management, Reverse Logistics and Recycling. Our process is certified by the highest standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and R2:2013 Certification).  Our purpose is to Manage your Assets, Mitigate your Risk, and Recycle your Waste. Through our efficient IT Solutions we protect your past and secure your future. The bi-product of our process is a clean environment and sustainable way of life.

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